Basic Self-Defense Handgun Training

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Basic Self-Defense Handgun Training

This course is perfect for the individual who is thinking about purchasing or has little or no experience in using a semi-automatic pistol for defense. This firearms training course focuses on basic defensive handgun philosophy and basic gun-handling skills with a semi-automatic pistol. Students will establish a solid shooting platform upon which to build. This course is specifically designed to assist students with skill development and use of the semi-automatic pistol as a personal defense weapon. This training also covers the laws about using and carrying a firearm.

Questions we will address:

What gun should you buy? When can you legally use deadly force? What are the laws regarding carrying and transporting a firearm? How to use the firearm when needed, and what are the consequences with the local law enforcement? How to store and clean the firearm? What is the difference between the criminal system and the civil system? Home defense VS street defense? What are the different types of ammunition and firearms and which one will work best for you?

Available Rentals: Handgun $10

If you do not have a handgun you can rent one and purchase ammunition. Please request prior to class.

Duration: ~3 hours Cost $150.00

Required for Class

Ammunition: 30 rounds of ammunition.