Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT)

Defensive Handgun Firearm Training Class Course


Active Assailant Response Training ASRT

Part 1:

Prior to the training, we will visit the site and perform an all-encompassing security vulnerability assessment, including:

  • Assessment of threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your HQ and other physical locations.
  • Evaluation of the use of electronic security systems and of their applicability, as compared to best practices and identified threats.
  • Review of your physical security policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and standards.
  • Provision of an initial Vulnerability Findings Report, documenting the results of our vulnerability site-assessment.

Part 2: A safety lecture about active shooter situations and the proper response, with specific locations within the building, as well as addressing any questions about the issue.

Part 3: A hands-on preparation training of how to deal with an active shooter situation and the diverse ways it can happen.

We will cover:

Preparing for the shooter

  • Defending the Room – Understand the difference between cover and concealment
  • Weapons of Survival – How to use ordinary objects to slow down the impact of a bullet
  • Assuming Leadership Position – How to take charge during a crisis
  • Locking the Door – How to get out of the shooter’s kill zone
  • Setting the Room for a Fight- Getting the room and people ready to fight

Disrupting the shooter

  • Counter Intrusion Tactics – Learn what to do and not do when the shooter enters your room.
  • Controlling the hands
  • Working together as a unit to control the attacker

Stopping the killer

  • Watch the life and death difference between taking action to save yourself or just hiding under a table.
  • Learn how to work as a team and collectively stop the shooter’s attack.

Following the training:

You will be provided with a detailed review and report of findings for employee safety and security procedures, including an active assailant policy, and procedures for all client locations. We will provide one for each location.